First post action!Settin’ this thing up for grad school.  I’ve already gone through the trouble of uploading a nice monkey-with-firearm picture on the header, so this thing might be worth keeping around!I watched Raising Arizona last night for the first time from an educator’s perspective.  A teacher down the hall from me had just gotten permission to show it to his ninth graders.  There’s more swearing than I could recall, so it’d definitely have to be edited down, in-flight movie-style.  But the movie’s also got some cool examples of irony, and I think it explores dialogue and camera angles/movement in an oddball way that might entertain some kids.Any opportunity to get some Coens in the classroom, I’ll take.


7 responses to “Obligatory

  1. Love the monkey. Love the Coens.

  2. “I’ve already went through…”??? I have already “went”????

    Try: I’ve already “gone” through the trouble….

    No charge for the grammar check!

  3. Jake J. Mayfield

    Rats! It seems as though the position of Feral Grammarian has already been taken.

  4. Brian, Hagerstown MD

    Finally!! A website where I can just skip past all the hype and fancy Flash graphics and get to what I really need, which is Sonny news, and no fluff.



    I must say, I really admire what you’re trying to do here. It has been a very long time since I’ve seen a blogger this dedicated to his site, and it is a complete joy to see in this day and age of slipshod, lackadaisical, trifling nonsense. I am not necessarily a fan of the public education system, but I will say that I am a fan of the Sonny Is a Teacher Blog. Well done, sir.


    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Ah. I see how it is now.

    Apparently one of the undocumented side-effects of taking chill pills is CENSORING THE COMMENTERS OF THIS SITE.

  7. This is really a treat … a little bizarre to have a teach confessional blog but its one of the few websites I now make sure to check every single day!

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