Rookie Mistake #618

If I’ve got one weakness as a teacher (and I have several more), it’s classroom management.  Classroom management is friendly educator talk for getting students to shut up, pay attention, and do what you tell them.  Yeah, I’m not great at that. I get helpful advice from other teachers, administrators, professors, textbooks, everywhere, but what really matters is what I actually do in my classroom.  Constantly looking for the best in people, I assume my students will eventually just listen to me and sit down/listen up/stop throwing things across the room. I’m starting to realize that all those teachers, textbooks, etc. are right in that students need to know there are consequences for their actions.  So far, the only consequence has been some seating charts and my repeated pleas for cooperation. Someday soon, I may experiment with the other side: an iron-fisted, no nonsense approach to classroom management.  Like Stalin, only in 9th grade Lit. and I don’t viciously murder anyone. 


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