Things I Am Digging

In no particular order:

  • No Country for Old Men – It’s essentially Texas Fargo. Everyone in it rules, there’s no music, and it’s the perfect model for how to show information instead of telling your audience everything, Law and Order-style.
  • Ruby
  • Ruby. Our bedroom smells like dog now, and our carpet isn’t as pristine as it once was, but Ruby’s seldom been anything but a joy to have around. Best Christmas present I ever bought someone else. Consider me a dog lover, I guess.
    • Dry cereal for breakfast – Right now, it’s Special K, but just about any non-sugary cereal works great in a sandwich bag on the way to work.
    • The Rascals “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long” – I don’t have particularly great taste in music, but I am certain that this is one of the best songs, at least of its respective decade. Also, please note the intense yet relaxed “yes-I-know-I’m-amazing” drumming style of Mr. Dino Danelli:

    So this post wasn’t exactly educated related. Apologies. I’ll make up for it. Check out Mr. Taylor Mali on Def Poetry Jam. The kids could learn a thing or three from this guy:


    2 responses to “Things I Am Digging

    1. Great stuff, Sonny. However, I’m sticking with the drummer from Nickelback.

    2. Dude. Dino Danelli = Most Underrated Drummer, Ever. I’d give up my virginity (to him) to meet him.
      When you you call me from now on, Daniel Whitney’s “The Victor” plays (starting at 0:33, ending at 0:39). Oh, thank the Lord in Heaven for iPhones.

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