Scrabulous, Please Don’t Go

According to this CNN article, Facebook may be about to lose the only reason I joined up in the first place: Scrabulous.

Scrabulous, like Wikipedia or YouTube, is one of the more perfect applications of the Internet’s limitless possibilities: to play Scrabble with anyone in the world.  I’ve been on the main Scrabulous site for a while now, which keeps track of stats like win/loss records, highest scoring plays, etc.  Facebook’s version of the application just makes it a little easier to set up an untimed game between friends that you can complete at your leisure.  It’s been invaluable on a teacher’s schedule, as it allows me to wallop my friends a move or two a night instead of having to set aside an entire twenty or thirty minutes.

Well, the good people at Hasbro and Mattel want the thing shut down.  Rightly so, too, as Facebook’s likely getting a lot of traffic (from me, at least) based on an electronic replica of their property.  I just hope Hasbro and Mattel wise up, politely buy out Scrabulous, and keep my e-Scrabble habits going strong.

I’ve seriously considered starting a Scrabble club at school.  Maybe I should poke around and see if there’s any interest in such a thing.


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