“Having Money’s Not Everything / Not Having It Is”

Oh, Kanye.  More than ever, I can  identify with your perspicacious wit.

Teachers get paid monthly.  I actually don’t have a problem with that; I’ve handled monthly pay for years at my previous job (and I even had to set aside my own money for taxes).  December’s a different story, though.  The county was kind enough to pay teachers on the 19th before we got off for the holidays–which was wonderfully denouement-Scrooge of them–but it also makes a full six weeks before the next paycheck at the end of January.  Add on the financial demands of Christmas (my heart is too sizes too big!), and you can figure out why my fiancé’s paying for the gas in my car this week.

I was atypically naive about the financial boon I’d undergo with the new job.  Maria (the fiancé–consider yourself introduced) and I had already disposed of the roommates who were helping replace the income I was losing by going to grad school.  I was thrilled  to get my first paycheck, but honestly more than a little surprised at how meager it seemed.  After taxes and pension funds and insurance were all deducted (“goverment do take a bit, don’t she”), I was left with pretty much the same amount of money had I simply worked part time for $10 and hour and kept on the roommates.  All that work and stress, and I’m right back where I started.  Dang.

It all has to do with the district’s pay schedule.  As a first year teacher who isn’t even fully certified yet, I’m at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole.  Seasoned lunch ladies make more than me.  Fortunately, I’ve only got a few more months like this.  By the end of summer, I’ll be fully certified with a Master’s, which bumps the pay up considerably.  I’ll be supersizing combos, buying name brand cereal–living the good life (and here we are, back at Kanye again.  That’s some circular writin’, friends).


4 responses to ““Having Money’s Not Everything / Not Having It Is”

  1. I can really understand your frustration!!! Welcome to the world of teaching, don’t even try to calculate y0ur hourly wage you will become depressed. Need some tax tips goto my site http://www.taxes4teachers.com and check it out. Also I can offer you a paycheck analysis.

    Good Luck,

    The Educators’ Tax Expert

  2. Cheryl Sanford

    Hey – I’m glad to be able to read about your teaching experiences. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I’ll have my bachelor’s by the time you have your master’s. Teaching in high school doesn’t sound so bad.
    You probably don’t recognize my name, but here are a couple of clues: H could be in your class, and two b’s.

  3. At least you have gas in yo car! Welcome to the good life! Think, next year uncle Sam will pay you at tax season, that’s where your check has gone. And as for Alex’s comment, we need big money Sonny! It’s wheel time baby!

  4. just passin throu...

    I searched for some lyrics to kanyes music n found ur online journal or blog or whatever haha, but i read it and that sucks dude im currently about to finish undergrad and debating on whether or not more school will be worth it as far as salary increase vs time and money invested in attaining the higher degree… hmm… well i probably wont come back to ur site so hope everything works out for ya….or actually i just noticed this was posted last yr so hope everything did work out for you haha -peace

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