Tear out liver. Repeat.

Prometheus gives fire to man, so Zeus has him tied to a rock and orders a bird to rip out his liver. Every day, the liver grows back, and the bird comes back to do it again for eternity. That’s drama, pal!  On a Mythology unit, it’d definitely be worth mentioning, if not spending a day or two on it altogether.

Best webiste in the world, McSweeney’s, ran a piece not so long ago, “Prometheus Keeps a Diary” by Mike Richardson-Bryan. The whole thing’s darn funny and pretty close to a high schooler’s sense of humor:

Day 365

What a great day. Jimmy and I spent all afternoon just hanging out. He’s a nice guy once you get to know him, and he knows the dirtiest jokes. Oh, it felt good to laugh again. Then he tore me open and ate my liver.

Hilarious, no? I also Stumbled Upon (best browser plug-in ever) a cute WordPress-based internet comic, Prometheus. Here’s a sample:


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