Private Eyes Are Watchin’ You (clap clap)

Administrators are required to make a certain number of classroom observations throughout the year (in my school, at least).  As I’m the freshest meat in the deli (terrible analogy, but let’s roll with it), I’m an obvious target for these observations.  These past two weeks or so, I’ve been getting observed a lot.  I don’t mind at all, but I keep getting the same divergent remarks from these observations:

  1. I’m actually a pretty decent teacher.  The principal said he learned a few things from my lesson on Shakespearean sonnets, and another administrator with an English background went out of her way to commend me on my lesson about speakers in poetry (I use Ludacris, Lupe Fiasco, and Rilo Kily songs–I’m just lucky they didn’t fire me around “I got my twin glock .40’s cocked back”).
  2. I’m a terrible classroom manager.  Some of these kids never got the memo that two adults in the classroom means “shut up.”  I actually had to ask a student twice to be quiet while I was talking while the dang principal of the school(!) sat mere desks away.

Today actually had a few successes, however.  I had to write up a student yesterday for some rather egregious disrespect.  The poor girl was called up to the office today during my class, and her friends asked me if I had written her up.  I didn’t say anything, but their conversation revolved more around a recognition of her behavior rather than how much of a jerk I am.  It’s not much, but I’m calling it progress, folks.

By the way, I’ve recently (read: 20 minutes ago) found out about the crazy awesome band Vampire Weekend.  They’re highly recommended, especially for these long paper-grading nights.


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