Spring Break

It’s been spring break all week long, and for the particular county I work in, that usually means the entire school heads down to Panama City to drink beer, get something pierced, and dry hump each other silly until beach patrol tells them to “move it along.”  If it’s their first trip down there, they’ll have delusions of an MTV-style spring break, where they can mingle with like-minded party dudes from across the nation.  What they’ll find, however, are the same boring classmates they always see and maybe a few kids from the next county over.  It’s a sad realization for them, but the colleges had their spring break about a month ago, and those high schoolers from across the nation have mostly abandoned Panama City as a respectable destination.

While my students are out learning this tough lesson, I’ve been at home, trying to work on this whole staying productive thing.  I’ve got a small hill of persuasive letters to grade and a mountain range of grad school work to complete as the semester winds down.  I was on a roll for a while, too.  Up until about Tuesday, I was knocking out assignments and getting papers graded left and right.  By Tuesday evening, I was pretty much done.  A trip over to Athens to see The Weakerthans was only the starting point of a marathon session of procrastination.  Time that should have been spent doing homework or planning turned into time catching up on my Legend of Zelda game.  Teaching is an extremely stressful job, and most advice-givers out there insist on new teachers setting time aside for their families and hobbies.  I may not be the best teacher, but I do believe I have that aspect of the job down already.


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