Chillaxing all Cool

Tonight’s the prom. I’ve gotta be down there at 10 to–I don’t know–pass out those little party favors to departing prommies and suggest with stern facial expressions that they go easy on the alcohol and unprotected sex.

Due to early checkouts, my classes got smaller and smaller throughout the day. 4th period seemed surprisingly willing to get a little work done, but the last two periods of the day simply refused school work. I read to 6th period “The Monkey’s Paw” on a whim. “Stumbled through the story” would be a more appropriate description, really. I really need to work on my reading aloud, especially when I’m dealing with dudes like W.W. Jacobs, who love loading their work up with adjectival phrases that really only leave the reader with one appropriate way to stress the words (boring reflection!).

I was all set to make my 7th period do the work I already had planned, but when less than half of the class wandered in, I knew we’d just be hanging out. Surprisingly, it might have been one of the more educational days for the period, for me and the students. I got a chance to talk to the students that I’m normally just yelling at to sit down or do some work.  I explained the idea of connotation to one group when one kid said that the computer advertised in his magazine “raped” all other computers.  I found out one of my laziest, most smart-assiest kids wants to go to NYU for architecture.  And another guy was in an alternative school the previous year for bringing moonshine(!) to school.  We talked about New York (moonshine guy had visited once and plans to stay below the Mason-Dixon line for the rest of his life), local college options, and politics.  I had to explain (again) how Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with September 11th, and I think I made moonshine guy think twice about his “nuke ’em all” position on Iraq.  It was all quality conversation.

So we didn’t do much today.  I didn’t really cover anything on the state standards or the curriculum map, but I think we still learned some stuff–about each other (adorable!).


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