Unsolicited Praise

One of my 10th graders’ last assignments was to write a “closure letter” to the class, saying goodbye, reflecting on the good times, etc. Some were nice enough to mention me:

“Señor Harding. What can I say. You have given me alot. Chance after chance, you never give up on me and I wanna thank you for that. And there’s something Ive been really wanting to thank you for is the talk we had earlier. That meant alot to me. Every last word of it and i’ll keep it close to me. Thank you.”

“This has been my favorite class since you’ve gotten here. You have made this class really fun and you have put up with every annoying person in this class. You are a great teacher and it’s too bad you won’t be teaching us next year.”

“Anyone who can handle us as a class had to be a good teacher.”

“I’m going to miss Mr. Hardings weird movies and his awesome outfits.”

“Mr. harding is one of the best english, but you have made me understand english even know I dont like english. But overall this class was one of my favorits.”

“But there is somebody who has helped me out even more than that, and that would be Mr. Harding who has helped me to become a better writer just by giving me tips and telling me to turn in assignments even if they are late.”

“Mr. Harding you were the nicest teacher that taught me and the meanest. But that is because you cared.”

“Mr. Harding your a good teacher, but I didn’t learn anything.”

“For the first half of the year, I dreaded going to Lit class, it was super boring and our work just kept piling up. After Christmas break, Mr. Harding came in and took over. Since Mr. Harding came my grade has gone up 40 points. Not only my grade go up, I’ve learned so much; life lessons, things having to do with school and I’ve made some really good friends. I have come to love and appreciate my fourth period Lit class. I feel that in Harding’s class we’re more then just stupid kids that goof around. Everyone in here has so much potential. Mr. Harding really does care about all of us. This class has gone from my least favorite class to the best class I’ve ever been in…

I want to especially thank you Mr. Harding. You have taught me how to open up and express myself, you were always there for my bad days. and you always made it a little better. You’ve me how to challenge myself in so many ways. I’m sorry about all the days I was a bitch and days when I didn’t do anything but make noises and talk. This is my favorite class and you are my favorite teacher.”

“Mr. Harding made it to where I was finally passing the class.”

“Through Mr. Harding’s teaching and talks the class went through a change, we became a family. We started getting a view to peoples souls.”


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