I seem to have high more football players than I did last year.  Overall, they’re fine lads, but a few are embracing their (what I assume is only perceived) stupidity to a point where I assume they’re joking.  Instead of just, you know, trying to get the work done and understand the material, they stare at me with eyes as blank as their notebook paper, clinging tenaciously to the idea that they couldn’t possibly understand what a haiku is and damned if I think they’ll be able to write one.


A student that I had last year is in my tenth grade class now.  He seemed lazy but bright last year, but his stubbornness has only increased since last June, it seems.  A simple group presentation that the entire class breezed through was a huge excuse-laden ordeal for him and his group.  When I later discovered he played football, it all just made a little more sense to me.


What is it about these guys that lets them assume I’ll accept their learned ignorance?  Do they wisen up when the season ends?  I really don’t mean to pick on the athletes (to be fair, one of their star players is one of my favorite, brightest students), but I don’t see how they can play a sport that demands constant focus and a determination to never surrender yet give up so easily when they’re presented with an Indian creation myth.


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