My Favorite Class

I haven’t been here in a while.  Sorry, nobody.


Hey, it’s a new year!  I’m making a yearbook.  My co-teacher and I finally got a schedule where we can function smoothly.  One of my darling freshmen misspelled the word “I” in his first essay.


But what I wanted to bring up today is my planning period.  The past two years, my planning period was a brief respite from the kids.  For fifty minutes, I didn’t have to be “on.”  I could take a breath and plan my next lesson.


This year, I’ve got planning during 1st period.  It’s got its ups and downs:



No administrative duties.  A lot of administrative drudgery has to get done during 1st period.  Other teachers are handing out computer login passwords, cross-referencing their list with the kids who don’t have permission forms.  I’m peacefully listening to Man…or Astroman? alone in my room.


I can hear the announcements.  I’ve got yearbook responsibilities this year, so just about everything said in the morning applies to me in some way: club meetings, sports games, etc.  It’s nice to just back and follow along on my calendar.



Prime learnin’ time lost.  Kids are sleepy in the morning.  1st period is generally 10-20% calmer than other classes.  The sugar from the Pop-Tarts hasn’t kicked in (this is why I envy those with planning at the end of the day.  As a rule, it’s the worst class.  To not have one at all would be divine).


No break in the day.  Planning, even one during 2nd period like I had last year, is a checkpoint in the day.  While my time with the kids starts later now, it’s a marathon dash until 3:25.


When my schedule was created last year, the idea was that 1st period planning would offer me some time to handle yearbook duties immediately before the Yearbook class 2nd and 3rd periods (we’re on a wacky new schedule where some classes last 2 periods, while others only last one).  This is certainly true (you wouldn’t believe how many seniors’ parents leave me messages throughout the day), and I’m grateful it got set up this way.  However, I’m missing the days I had some time between classes to breathe and reassess my course of action.


2 responses to “My Favorite Class

  1. Well, if by “nobody,” you mean me, then yes, I’m still here! How is the yearbook going? You’re fortunate to have actual class time to work on that beast. Our yearbook committee decided not to produce one this year, since hardly anyone purchased one last year (we’re not in the hole… the book was paid for by donations). I decided it wasn’t quite fair to ask our benefactors to pony up hundreds of dollars when the cheap-ass kids refused to shell out a mere $15 for a FULL COLOR yearbook.

    Anyway… enough about me. Just be careful about taking the yearbook on by yourself; make the kids do all the work. ALL of it. Even if it ends up looking sucky, you can blame it on them. Don’t spend hours fixing their mistakes like I did. (Oops, there I am again…) Otherwise, you’ll burn out faster than a dry match.

    Hope your holidays were restful and allowed you plenty of time to reflect and plan ahead.

  2. sonnyharding

    Well, thanks! The yearbook’s chugging along nicely. I’ve had a kid or two drop the ball, which is going to make the next few weeks uncomfortable in a lot of ways…I’ll likely end up writing about it.

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