Gold Stars

I’m hard on myself on this blog.  It’s for good reason.  If no one tells me I suck, then I’ll never get better.  And I’m surrounded by very positive, supportive people.  So the only way I’ll improve as a teacher is if I stay hard on myself.

But sometimes, I deserve to commend myself, notice the sunshine.  So here’s an off-the-top-of-my-head list of things I’m good at or areas of vast improvement in my almost three years as a teacher.

1. I memorize students’ names faster than any teacher I know of.

2. My expectations have gotten higher every year.  My average grades have stayed the same.

3. I can hook up my own technology, thanks.

4. My discipline problems have gone way down since my first year.  I write up very few students, mostly because I just don’t need to.

5. I don’t lose my head over hoop-jumping administrative stuff.  Some teachers throw tantrums when they’re asked to do anything extra.  I’ll either comply or politely forget to do it.

6. I keep my mouth shut.  High school’s a gossip-laden soap opera for teachers, too.  It’s very hard to avoid rumors about students or the nosy, negative attitudes of some colleagues.  I do a decent job of minding my own business.

7. I’m not an idiot.  I can write a clear email to a parent.  I can create a spreadsheet and analyze test grades on it.  I know students would much rather tell me about their game instead of me just saying, “Good job,” so I ask open-ended questions about their performance.   I’m not good at some pretty important things, but I know I’m capable of figuring them out.


2 responses to “Gold Stars

  1. why don’t you write stuff here anymore?!

  2. Well, this is good to hear…

    I was really bad at memorizing names… I tried using a trick another teacher gave me, but it didn’t work for me and the students already knew it and it was boring for them lol.. What are your tricks? 🙂

    I later realized what DID work for me, it was kinda late in the year though lol (so I wish I had known it sooner :))

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