The End Is the Beginning Is the End

Between the end of the school year and a few personal things, I spent a lot of this weekend thinking about resolution, ends, conclusions.  Friday night, I watched some of my favorite people in the world graduate high school (including my kid sister, but that’s another school and another story).  These were the same set of students that I met as freshmen on my first day as a real teacher.  They were new; I was new.  And now their cycle into adulthood is pretty much complete.  It’s a happy time.


Last night, I watched some friends play their last show together (again, more endings).  Before the show, someone jokingly asked if I passed this year.  And it made me realize just how stationary I am.  In a way, I don’t pass…ever.  I repeat the 9th grade every year.  And I see the same things with only slight variations year after year.  Lazy kids, motivated kids, hyper clowns, silent geniuses: different names, different faces, same kids.  I’m exaggerating some, I think; your average office job would be a million times more mundane and repetitive as what I do for a living.

However, my first batch of kids moving on into the world makes me feel simultaneously old and renewed.  While kids that I helped form are going off to face their challenges, I get to wash my hands of all of my mistakes and tackle a new bunch in a couple months.


One response to “The End Is the Beginning Is the End

  1. Whoa! You are BRAVE to even be teaching high school and such!! 🙂

    I remember the brief period I did that it was err, kinda traumatic 🙂 lol!

    How do you deal with kids having crushes on you or such? just wonder

    Congratulations for ‘coming of age’!
    Love your blog! You’re WAY braver than me!! 🙂

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